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Forum Announcement: Forum Guidelines

    1. English is the only official language allowed on the forum.
    2. Sentences should start with a capital letter and end with a period.

    Posting Content:
    1. Any content depicting underage sexual activity, non-consensual sexual activity, revenge porn, blackmail, intimidation, snuff, torture, death, violence, incest, racial slurs, scat, puke, zoophilia (bestiality), or hate speech is strictly forbidden.
    2. Please refrain from posting deepfakes and photoshopped content outside of the specifically created forum section.
    3. When creating a request thread for a model, make sure one has not been created previously by using the search function. All request threads should be created in the following section.
    4. Trading, selling or buying content is strictly disallowed. This action defeats the purpose of the community and increases the risk of users being scammed.
    5. Anything which is posted repeatedly will be considered as spam. Begging for updates, posting same content repeatedly, off-topic replies and posts with no value are disallowed.

    Advertising and Third-Party Websites:
    1. Advertising any websites, discord servers, telegram or whatsapp channels or any other unapproved sites, that are in any way, shape or form similar to Thottube is disallowed.

    Referral and Shortening Links:
    1. When linking to a site, always provide the direct link. URL shortening or referral links like adf.ly are not allowed.

    1. Any type of racism, sexism or toxic behavior will absolutely not be tolerated. Do not insult, attack or make fun of another user.
    2. When engaging with other members, always be respectful.

    Additional guidelines:
    1. Each category or subsection could have different posting rules and guidelines. Please become familiar with them before posting.

    These guidelines may be updated without prior notice any time.
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